Hello, I'm Sunnyspell

Professional Multimedia Designer for Architectural content.
Ability to make models, infographics, Video reels, VR, and web pages. With all these tools and my knowledge of communication, I can transmit the message in an effective way.

About Me

My Skills and Achievements

I am an energetic person, always trying to find the best and the most positive in everyone around me. I obtained my professional virtues working in different sectors and countries from a very young age. Through them, I developed the qualities of understanding pressure and how to face different scenarios. I also try to get the most out of my work and show my potential with reasonable solutions through hard work and perseverance.

3D Infographics
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VR - Virtual Reality
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Graphics and Multimedia Design
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BCS Science - Multimedia

Creating designs and combining graphics with animation to develop multimedia content for websites, television, films, and advertising displays. Preparation to work in a variety of fields including advertising, video game design, web design, or television.


Postgraduate in UX and Product Design

Create unique experiences so that the product is part of the customer’s life. Being able to manage a digital project with the help of design tools with which I will create unique and intuitive digital products that will be part of our day to day.


Master in Architectural Virtual Reality

Master Unreal Engine at an expert level, create hyper-realistic images and videos, Create custom applications on different devices to view projects and interact with them in VR.


My Projects

A selection of my last projects

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Softwares I Use

Over the years I’ve been developing specific skills to use different types of software. The software I use goes from Graphic Design, 3d and Web developing

Adobe Creative